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We are delighted to announce winners of this year’s KAPEK Kenya Mathematical Olympiad.






The 12th edition of the KKMO which saw an outstanding participation from schools all over Kenya kicked off in June 2021. Over 2000 students worked tirelessly to become Kenya’s newest math’s champions and represent us on the worlds stage at the IMO & PAMO events. Progressing through the second round on August 19th and finally the much-anticipated round 3 and grand finale held on the 27th of November 2021 in the University of Nairobi.

Winners of this year’s edition will be awarded fantastic prizes including; world renowned KAPEK Mathematical sets for round 2 participants and cash prizes for them and their schools. The winners of the competition will progress to the world stage where they will be representing Kenya at the International Mathematical Olympiad and Pan African Mathematical Olympiad!






Over the years the KAPEK Kenya Mathematical Olympiad has helped to provide a platform for young ambitious secondary school students to exercise their mathematical skills, and participation in the competition has shown to improve students’ mathematics performance in schools sharpening their mathematical problem-solving skills and increasing their capabilities in exams.

While the 2021 cycle of KKMO has come to an end, registration for the 2022 cycle is now open! Schools, parents, guardians, and all stakeholders in education in Kenya can now register students for the prestigious KKMO competition. Identify, harness, and improve students’ talents in mathematics and give them the opportunity of a lifetime!






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Finally, a massive thanks to all who participated in this year’s KKMO, your continued contribution to mathematics in Kenya enhances the lives of your students and helps them realise their true potential.

Wishing our KKMO team the best of luck as they go on the world stage for everyone at the KKMO and KAPEK Mathematical Equipment

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