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Note: The prizes for the 2021 cycle and the 2022 cycle remain the same and will be rewarded as soon as the winning participants have been selected.

KKMO Round 1

First Round

All Students who participate in the competition receive a first round certificate.

round 2

Second Round

Each participant receives a certificate of participation and a KAPEK Mathematical Set.

The top 20 students will receive a certificate of merit with a medal.

The top 40 will be invited for the third and final team selection test.

round 3

Third Round

Winning Students go forward to take part in training and toward the international games!

pam logo 2

31st Pan African Mathematical Olympiad 2023


The top 3 Boys & Top 3 Girls  students will represent Kenya at a venue and date to be announced.

All winners will receive a medal as well as KSh8,000.

IMO_logo copy

64th International Mathematical Olympiad 2023


The top 6 students will represent Kenya in Chiba, Japan in July 2023 .

The top 3 students will receive trophies and the rest medals.

Cash prizes will be won in the following order:

1st – KSh15,000

2nd – KSh13,000

3rd – KSh12,000

4th – KSh11,000

5th – KSh10,000 &

6th – KSh9,000.


Schools Prizes

KSh15,000  will be awarded to the mathematical departments of any school with a participant or participants in either the PAMO 2023 or the IMO 2023 or both.

This award is for them to continue their fantastic work in creating the leaders of tomorrow.