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KKMO 2020 Results

Register Closes Soon. 

The Results are in for the 2020 KKMO!!

Header Image KKMO Champions

And that’s a wrap! Our top contestants have been chosen from our thousands of competitors who took part in the 2020 KAPEK Kenyan Mathematical Olympiad!

A huge congratulations to all our participants, they have shown not only their incredible sportsmanship but also commendable daring in their quest to improve their maths skills and represent Kenya on the world stage.

We also thank all of the the schools who took part, teachers giving up their time in an effort to further help students achieve a level of excellence in their studies. You are a credit to your school and fundamental building block helping young people achieve their potential.

With a higher number of participants taking part than ever before our students had to fight hard to earn their place in the international teams for the International Mathematical Olympiad & The Pan African Olympiad. The events which will be held later in the year, with the winning students first being supported with additional study and resource from the KKMO.

Naturally, with the global pandemic the schedule of events which was due to take place did not. Instead, taking place over 2020/2021 the competition was held only in participants schools to ensure the safety of all those involved. Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding during these delays.

In the coming weeks we will be releasing details of the prizes giving ceremony, we see this as taking place in June/July of this year and will most likely be held in the winner’s schools and broadcast virtually, more updates to follow.

Until then a quick reminder that the KKMO 2021 is now taking registrations with the round 1 to be held on June 10th 2021 (to be held in participants schools)

Until then we will be releasing study resources and bi-weekly examinations with virtual teaching classed for teachers and students.

Congratulations to our winners and their schools. This is an amazing achievement

Bring out your genius and bring on the 2021 KKMO!!!

2020 - timeline

As a special treat and in celebration of our first year in partnership with KAPEK Mathematical instruments, KAPEK have decided to reward ALL PARTICIPATING STUDENTS with a complementary KAPEK Maths set. In congratulations for taking part and as special thanks for making this the biggest year ever for the competition.

KAPEK Sets will be distributed through the participating schools at a later date.

each poarticipant copy
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As we strive to bring this mathematics competition to more and more student around Kenya it is important to celebrate all of the students who take part and highlight the amazing work of local schools and teachers so please be sure to like and share via our social media channels and celebrate all of these wonderful students achievements. (links below!)

Many thanks again and congratulations to all who took part!!!