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Who is eligible to join?

The KKMO is open to all Kenyan High school students. The competition is divided into junior and senior categories which should be indicated during the registration. New and past participants are eligible to join.

How many students can participate per school?

There is no limit to the number of students you can register for the first round.  The subsequent rounds’ participation numbers are based on number of qualifying students.

For how long does the competition run?

The duration of the competition from the 1st round to the finale is equivalent to two academic terms. For a detailed calendar view click on

Where does the competition take place?

The first round takes place at all participants’ school or a location of the school’s manager’s choosing. The second and third round qualifiers take the exam at the KKMO headquarters at the UoN.



How do I register?

To register, go to and click on the ‘register here’ tab. You will be redirected to a form to be filled by your school with details needed for participation. After that an entry payment of Ksh. 300 per student should be paid to the KKMO Mpesa paybill number: 303030 or account number: 0732255222 for finalize the registration.

I have registered. What happens next?

Once registration is completed by making payment, the school will receive an email confirming registration. A list of all participating students’ names should be submitted by the date provided in the email.

Is there an age limit for the registration?

No, there is no age limit for participation. The participant should be a student of the registered school. However, for the international level of the competition, the participants should be below 20 years old and not attached to any tertiary institution.



How can I prepare for the competition?

The schools can prepare themselves using revision tools provided on the KKMO website to bring students mathematical capabilities up to the level required for this competition.

Click on  to access various papers on different topic for practice.

In addition, bi-weekly practice exams will be shared with you via the website after registration until round one begins.

How are the results announced?

Once marking is complete, results are sent to the school email address provided at registration. The qualifying student names are then posted on the KKMO website.

How can I get news and information on the progress of the competition?

Throughout the competition, progress and news alerts will be shared through KKMO communication channels.



How do I register to take part in teacher training?

Teachers can benefit from the teachers’ training program by filling a registration form. Details of the form are available here