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KKMO 2021 Round 1 Results ARE HERE!

A massive congratulations to all the teachers and students that took part. Thank you for your continued participation and dedication to improving mathematics in Kenya.

More students than ever before took part in this years competition and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of The search for Kenyas next national mathematical Olympiad champions. 

Round 2 Results are Available now! Click the link!

Round 3 is on course to take place in November this year! We cant wait to see you all for the next challenge! Remember pre-registration for the 2022 competition is now open so be sure to sign up.

KKMO 2021- Round 2 Results- Announcement copy

KKMO 2022 Registration is NOW OPEN!

Calculator giveaways, more quizzes and new teacher & student study resources – KKMO 2020 & 2021 have been bumper years for the competition!

With more schools and students taken part than ever before we are excited for the 2022 competition!

Be sure to register below! 

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The KKMO is a COVID friendly event.

With that in mind we will be hosting no public events this year and have made other changes to the KKMO in order to ensure participants safety as well as respect the enormous efforts being made by everyone on the front line.

Stay safe, keep practicing – from everyone at the KKMO.

Stay Safe

6 places in the International Mathematical Olympiad 2022 – In Oslo, Norway to be won.

As well as CASH PRIZES for Students & School’s, Trophies, Medals & Certificates.

The search for the next KAPEK Kenyan Mathematical Olympiad champions is on.

On June 10th 2021 the search for the next Kenyan Mathletes began as contestants across the country battled to represent Kenya on the world stage and take their place in history. Round 1 is over and now the competition intensifies as the top 400 contestants go forward to take their place in Round 2.

All events for the 2021 KKMO will take place in competitors’ schools in line with COVID regulations and this year we are offering more resources than ever before to participants and their schools. Our aim being to help prepare students for the competition and beyond into the IMO, the PAMO and the pages of history!

Registration for the KKMO 2022 is now open. Please signup to be notified of information on the competition including when we add new resources & examinations and more!

Will You Rise to the Challenge?


Information Poster for Students

We have created a poster to showcase the competition and its benefits for your students – Please download, print and hang in your school. 

School Preparation and Support:

The KKMO offers weekly practice examinations and solutions to improve skills and enable students to reach their full potential. 

Essential Information Pack

We have compiled an essential information pack for all participating schools – Download yours now.

About KAPEK Mathematical Sets:

KAPEK is a stylishly designed, ultra modern, all-in-1 maths set designed to bring out the genius in you. 


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