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Wishing all of your students, teachers, teams and all their families well during this time as well as everyone around the world. With measures in place to protect our communities round 2 of the KKMO has been suspended until further notice, but we’re sure you all understand.

Our eternal thanks to everyone working on the front line during this pandemic.

Stay safe, keep practicing and see you all soon – from everyone at the KKMO.

Stay Safe

6 places in the International Mathematical Olympiad 2021 – In Washington USA to be won.

As well as CASH PRIZES for Students & School’s, Trophies, Medals & Certificates.

The search for the 11th KAPEK Kenyan Mathematical Olympiad champions is on.

On March 12th 2020 the search for the next Kenyan Mathletes began a record number of contestants battling it out to represent Kenya on the world stage and take their place in history.

Stage 2 has been postponed for the time being, we will update everyone as soon as possible. We look forward to welcoming our top competitors from the Round 1 from around the country to compete for their place in Round 3 and beyond into the IMO, the PAMO and the pages of history!

Pre-registration for the KKMO 2021 will be opening in the coming weeks. Please signup to be notified of information on the competition including when we add new resources & examinations and more!

Are you ready to join the elite?

Information Poster for Students

We have created a poster to showcase the competition and its benefits for your students – Please download, print and hang in your school. 

School Preparation & Support

School Preparation and Support:

The KKMO offers weekly practice examinations and solutions to improve skills and enable students to reach their full potential. 

Essential Information Pack

We have compiled an essential information pack for all participating schools – Download yours now.

About KAPEK Mathematical Sets:

KAPEK is a stylishly designed, ultra modern, all-in-1 maths set designed to bring out the genius in you. 


Catch Your Genius Young

Catch Your Genius Young The School of Mathematics, University of Nairobi and the Mathematics Association…

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